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Senior Beauty >> How to Get Rid of Hollows Under the Eyes With Facial Exercises.
How to Get Rid of Hollows Under the Eyes Naturally, Without Surgery, Medical Bills or Cosmetics.

This article explains how to get rid of hollows under the eyes naturally, without surgery, medical bills or cosmetics.

This article demonstrates how a simple exercise is a natural cure for that "sunken in" look caused by hollows beneath the eyes.

Why does a hollow form under the eye?. According to the Journal of Applied Physiology (Vol. 86, Issue 1, 188-194, Jan 99), after the age of 50, muscles that are not used frequently atrophy, including facial muscles. The sunken-in appearance just beneath the eye is caused from atrophy of the orbicularis oculi muscle in the lower eye lid.

How can one get rid of those hollows below the eye that cause a "sunken in" appearance? To eliminate the hollow area beneath the eye, it is necessary to build up a "cushion" or "padding" of muscle beneath the skin which has sunken from muscle atrophy. This is accomplished by a simple isometric exercise (described below) to build up the orbicularis oculi muscle in the lower eye lid . This muscle building will not alter the appearance the face. The newly-toned-up muscle will not be obvious in any way, except that it will make that area of the face appear younger. Toning this muscle will cause a youthful firmness that gets rid of the hollowness beneath the eyes. It will take years off of the appearance of that portion of the face.

Isometric exercises work very effectively for many parts of the face, according to Flex Effect at, but this article focuses only upon the specific muscle responsible for causing hollows under the eyes (or a "sunken-in" appearance). This natural cure eliminates "sunken-in" skin under the eye.

After building up the muscles that eliminates hollows below the eyes, about half the time and attention will be needed to maintain that level of muscle tone. It is far easier to maintain muscle than to build it.

How to perform the exercise that eliminates hollows ("sunken-in" skin) under the eyes: The following exercise helps to eliminate hollows or "sunken-in" skin under the eyes. Results can actually be noticeable within one week if this exercise is repeated frequently during the day. If continued, the hollows under the eyes can be completely eliminated within one to three months, depending upon how diligently this exercise is practiced. Keep in mind that the below-prescribed number of minutes is for building muscle. Less time is required to maintain muscle once it is built.

Isometric Exercise: 10 minutes per day, minimum (more time will produce faster results):

  1. Sit, relax, and look straight ahead.
  2. Without moving your head, look upward as high as possible.
  3. Try to "nearly" close your eyes while looking upward. Your eyes should be almost closed while looking upward, but not completely closed. Hold this position for 10 minutes without causing your eyes or face to wrinkle. If 10 minutes is too much, then perform this exercise in several shorter sessions, adding up to at least 10 minutes total. To prevent yourself from wrinkling any other skin while doing this exercise, it may be necessary to do it in front of a mirror the first few times.
While performing this exercise, you can feel the orbicularis oculi muscle below the lower eye lid tighten and tension. Tensioning a muscle actually tones and builds the muscle. Once you learn exactly how to tension the orbicularis oculi muscle in the lower eye lid, you will be able to do it without looking upward. This will be handy, because you will be able to do this exercise while reading, driving, surfing the internet, or on the phone.

Once the desired level of muscle is achieved, muscle tone can be maintained permanently in about half the time by practicing the above-described isometric exercise for 5 minutes daily, or 10 minutes every other day. Although for many, this amount of time is adequate, for some, additional time may be required if the hollows beneath the eyes begin to reappear. In these cases, increase the maintenance time as necessary. Each person establishes the exact number of "maintenance" minutes that works best for them. Most people are absolutely delighted with the results and are very thankful to have found a natural cure that eliminates hollows or "sunken-in" skin below the eyes, resulting in a more youthful facial appearance.