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Senior Beauty >> Remove Double Chin in Days with Facial Exercises!
Get Rid of Double Chin in 5 Days with Exercises!
Guaranteed Results. Facial Exercise Only Minutes Per Day Eliminates or Reduces Double Chin in 5 Days
Actual untouched photo of 61-year-old who has performed the facial exercises described below.

Did you know that there are three simple facial, chin, and neck exercises that can remove or reduce a double chin in a few days? Read below to learn how.

Why do we get double chins?
According to the Journal of Applied Physiology (Vol. 86, Issue 1, 188-194, Jan 99), as we age, muscles that are not used frequently atrophy, including the platysma muscle, which results in a double chin if not firmed and toned. Essentially, muscles between the chin and neck lose their firmness and result in a double chin.

When these muscles atrophy from age and reduced use, the skin covering these muscles becomes saggy, producing a double chin. Any facial or neck skin that has insufficient muscle tone or collagen beneath it tends to sag and/or wrinkle. Skin that has plump underlying muscle or collagen does not wrinkle or sag easily. As we age, we lose collagen beneath the skin, causing it to sag. However, this loss of collagen can be replaced by muscle using the three simple daily exercises below to get rid of (or reduce) a double chin.

Another reason that people develop double chins is because of weight gain. Individuals who are obese must either lose weight or have a doctor perform liposuction to completely get rid of a double chin. But first, try these exercises, because the double chin will undoubtedly be reduced, possibly by a satisfactory amount. These daily exercises can compensate for moderate amounts of body fat.

Additionally, some individuals who have recently lost large amounts of weight can have excessive amounts of loose skin, causing a double chin appearance. In these cases, it might be necessary to have the excess skin "snipped" by a plastic surgeon. However, before doing so, try the below-described daily exercises first, because there is a possibility that they may work sufficiently to get rid of the saggy skin contributing to the double chin appearance.

What will the double chin daily exercises do to a face?
The three below-described double chin exercises are considered a natural cure to get rid of a double chin and even for sagging skin near the chin and neck areas. No expensive devices or equipment are required, no drugs, no doctors, no cosmetics, no chemicals, nothing to buy.

The above photo depicts successful results of these exercises for a 61-year-old. Similar results can be expected for anyone who is not obese. To determine if one is obese, use the BMI calculator found at, which calculates BMI (body mass index). If a person is in fact obese, the BMI calculator's screen output will read "You are obese." The below exercises can work very effectively to get rid of double chins for individuals who are overweight, average weight, and underweight.

The below-described exercises will build up, tighten, and tone the platysma muscle (and other muscles) by implementing a combination of three isometric tensioning and resistance exercises that firm all muscles in and around the area of a double chin and neck in order to get rid of a double chin. The platysma muscle lies just beneath the chin along the upper neck. When toned and firmed, this muscle will not alter the appearance of the face in any way except that affected areas of the face and neck will appear younger. Toning these muscles will cause a youthful firmness that prevents the chin and upper neck areas from being able to sag easily, and will take years off of the appearance of that portion of the face and neck. Isometric exercises work very effectively in eliminating double chins and sagging skin.

After building up the platysma muscle which will get rid of (or reduce) a double chin, less time and attention will be needed to maintain that level of muscle tone. It is easier to maintain muscle than to build it.

How To Perform the three isometric tension and resistance exercises to get rid of a double chin:
1.Chin-line firming exercise. The first exercise (photo right) is called the "chin-line firming exercise." It tightens the chin along the jaw line, as diagrammed (shaded area) in the photo to the right, and removes sagging "jowls" and tightens the skin along the jaw line just above the double chin, helping to pull up on skin which has sagged downward over the years. This exercise helps to remove that part of a double chin closest to the jaw line by toning and firming the muscles along the jaw line and just beneath the chin.

This video (left) shows how to tense and tighten the muscles between the chin-jaw line and the lower lip (shaded area in photo above-right). As shown in the animation to the left, keep the lips together and tense-up the muscles in the shaded area in above-right photo. It is even better to tension muscles beyond this area if possible, but at a minimum, tension the muscles in the shaded area, being careful not to create wrinkles while performing the tightening of these facial muscles. Hold the tension for 10 minutes, minimum. More time produces even better, quicker results. If 10 minutes is not possible, do it in several sessions of lesser time, resting in between, which will add up to a full 10 minutes. This exercise can be done throughout the day easily while doing chores or driving.

How do I know if I'm doing the exercise correctly?
To ensure that the muscles are being tensioned, touch your fingers to your face between your lips and chin, and along the jaw line (shaded area in above-right photo). You should feel the firmness of tensioned muscles. Muscles that are tensioned frequently become toned and tightened like they were during youthful years. Touch this part of your face with your fingers and feel the firmness.

2.Platysma muscle resistance exercise. The second exercise, shown in the photo to the right, the "platysma muscle exercise," which tightens the platysma muscle just beneath the chin along the upper neck as described by Carole Maggio in her book titled "Facercise." As shown in to the right, place your thumb underneath the jawbone, just before the jawbone heads upward toward the ear. Likewise, place your index finger (same hand) on the opposite jaw bone in the same location. This is a resistance exercise, and your hand will be providing the resistance necessary to tone and tighten the platysma muscle, which will reduce or eliminate a double chin. Resistance exercises are very effective at building, toning, firming, and tightening muscles, according to author Carole Maggio.

While holding your hand steady, firm, and motionless, push forward (toward your hand) with your neck and head. You should feel the resistance this creates. This resistance exercise actually tones, tightens, and firms the muscles in the neck. Hold this position for 10 minutes, minimum. More time produces even better, quicker results. If 10 minutes is not possible, do it in several sessions of lesser time, resting in between, which will add up to a full 10 minutes.

There are variations to this resistance exercise, such as using the palms of both hands rather than thumb and index finger of one hand, which may feel more comfortable while providing even stronger resistance, which means better muscle building and faster elimination of the double chin. Another variation is to perform this exercise while lying on your back, which works the neck muscles even more with the help of gravity, working very effectively to get rid of a double chin. However, for beginners, it is advisable to start out sitting up, so as not to overwork the neck muscles and experience soreness, which may discourage some from continuing, but will not cause any bodily harm.

2.Chin-tongue exercise. The third exercise involves the use of the tongue. With your mouth closed, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Warning 1) do not press in only one spot, but instead, press the entire tongue along as much of the roof of your mouth as possible. Warning 2) Do not push on your teeth, because frequent pushing on teeth can actually loosen them. Be careful that your tongue does not push on any teeth. Hold this position for 10 minutes, minimum. More time produces even better, quicker results. If 10 minutes is not possible, do it in several sessions of lesser time, resting in between, which will add up to a full 10 minutes.

How do I know if I'm doing the exercise correctly?
One way to be assured that this exercise is working (and being performed correctly) is to feel underneath your chin with your thumb while doing this exercise. It should feel noticeably firm and tightened in the location of the double chin. Pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth helps to tighten the muscles underneath the chin, which pulls in on the double chin area, bringing it up tighter to the upper neck, sufficiently effective to help get rid of a double chin.

When will I see results?
Results can be noticeable within 5 to 6 days if the exercise time is doubled (20 minutes per day, per exercise). The 10 minute-per-day routine will produce noticeable results in 1 to 2 weeks, sooner if more time is dedicated to these exercises. Even though results will be noticeable soon, it takes one to three months (depending upon your dedication) to see the full and complete success of your work. The more time dedicated to these exercises, the sooner and more dramatic the results are in getting rid of a double chin.

Will I always have to spend this much time on these exercises?
No. It takes nearly twice the work to build, firm, tighten, and tone a muscle than it does to maintain a muscle. Once the desired tightening is achieved and the double chin is satisfactorily reduced, these muscles can be maintained with less than half the amount of work. Once the double chin is under control, perform these exercises for 5 minutes per day or 10 minutes every other day.

Each person can find his or her own exact number of "maintenance" minutes. Most people are absolutely delighted with the results and are very thankful to have found a natural cure to get rid of a double chin, resulting in a more youthful looking face.